Remember How Television Used to Be?

Remember when TV…

  • Used to not have their logo in the bottom right corner.
  • Used to not have animated promos for other shows at the bottom.
  • Used to not have text promos for other shows they offer.
  • Used to not have text information about the program you are watching.
  • Used to actually let the credits roll at normal speed and full screen.
  • Used to not interrupt shows for a high speed chase.
  • Used to not throw the weather radar on top of the show you are watching during storms. (It may be necessary for a flood, tornado, hurricane, fire watch/warning, but its unnecessary for a thunderstorm).
  • Used to have commercial breaks no more than 3 minutes.
  • Used to not have so many promos for other shows they offer during commercial breaks.
  • Used to use segways before, after and during commercial breaks.

It makes me wonder what else they will change or add in the future. I’ve already seen animated sponsors during a TV show in the bottom left corner before. I think eventually they will cut the intros short on TV shows or make limits to how long they can be. They already have programs that minimize the amount of silence in video by cutting out parts of the video to squeeze more time in. I think I’ve seen shows do that, because it seems that someone is always talking with no time to breathe. The bottom right logos might have been started to let people know what station they were on, but I think most people can care less. Or perhaps they were worried about people with VCRs recording their TV shows several years ago, but to me its just an annoyance.

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