Rename Master

Ever have a bunch of files that you needed updated. For instance, perhaps you have a script or program that generates a bunch of incremental files or maybe you need to fix files that were not named with your naming convention. Rename Master is the free tool that will help you get this done. You can change the case sensitivity, add numbers to the end, replace just part of the name or some letters and more. You can also edit file properties such as MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. It also gives you a preview of what your changes will look like, before you implement them. It can be installed or run as a standalone app, so you can put it on a USB flash drive and add it to your arsenal of tools.

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  1. 1 · Pablito says:

    hi pal,i could hardly fgruie out your instuctions on how to put back ground image on the USB. . . i just want to enjoy the thing others enjoyed. . .i have tried copying all the code in this format and posted it on notepad and saved it as desktop.ini. . i also selected an image and saved it as back.jpg and made the necessary settings. . . such as saving as hidden on the properties. . . but it doesn’t work. . .[{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}]iconarea_image=“back.jpg”iconarea_text=”0xFFFFFF”i am a little bit confused on what double qoutes is??? oh sorry but i’m not familiar with it. . . is it the or the [{ mark???? hoping to hear from you. . . thanks. . . u cud e-mail me at . . . if it wont take much of your time. . . thanks again. . .

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