Romtec Trios – (HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors Part 2

Romtec Trios RX910T6

Romtec Trios RX910T6

Select between three IDE hard drives with push-in button interface. Before you turn on the computer, you press the button of the hard drive you wish to use. This "pops" out the button for the other hard drive previously selected. If you have kids its possible they could press all three buttons and get them stuck down, although I never tested that. I did test it with two buttons depressed and it allowed you to do that, but pressing the third button popped them both out. However, only one HDD can be selected. The Trios has a built in system protection switch that won’t let you switch drives while the computer is running. There is a green LED to the left of the button that is depressed, so that you can tell from a distance what drive is being used. Only put one hard drive per IDE cable coming off the Trios.


The old Romtec website states:

“TRIOS is compatible with any IDE hard drive and all system processors above Pentium I. There is no limit to capacity, size, speed or manufacturer as long as the BIOS supports the drives. TRIOS supports the following speeds: (ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100).”

Pros: Easy selection between three hard drives.

Cons: Each hard drive gets power and very warm. You have to have an IDE cable for each drive; thus, you end up with four IDE cables hooked into the Trios (even if you use rounded IDE cables, it still takes up a lot of space and is a mess). It takes up a 5 ½ " bay.

Romtec Trios

(HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors


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  1. 1 · A. Trent Phillips says:

    I used on of these for a while on the last computer I built.

    It worked, quite well. The author got the pros and cons right. It is easier with rounded cables. I never had the chance to test it with an ATA-133 controller, but might have worked. But between the bulk of all the cables and the heat of the drives (they are ALL power on at all times), a full tower case was really what I needed to take advantage of this device.

    Things where too cramped in my old mid tower case- too much heat and not enough air flow where a problem.

    I still have this and might try to modify it as an SATA selector.

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    You might check out the Sata Switch (SW-SATA2X4). That is what I plan to get when I upgrade to SATA drives in the future. Although it will be awhile, because I have too many big IDE drives right now that still get the job done.

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