SATA Switches – (HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors Part 6

I thought I would update an old series of posts I had about hard disk drive selectors. The previous solutions I had covered were all for IDE drives. Although you could buy adapters for them to work with SATA drives it isn’t worth the effort in my opinion. Indus Technologies does make SATA selectors that allow up to 4 drives, but they are quite expensive (their cheapest model is $179.95). Rumor is that they had a patent on IDE HDD selectors and that killed the RomTec Trios and the Trios II, as well as the Combox (which seems to have finally sold out on eBay). I’m not sure if they hold any patents that would prevent anyone from legally making any SATA selector products or not.

I was able to find a device called the SATA Switch also known as the SW-SATA2X4.



Here are some of it’s features:

  • Uses a 3½” bay
  • Supports SATA II (thus is SATA I compatible)
  • Supports up to 4 drives
  • Controls the drives by only powering the one selected
  • LED to show which drive is selected
  • Can be locked with a key to prevent someone changing drives
  • Costs only $89.99

I haven’t been able to figure out the original manufacturer of this device, but it’s being sold on a number of sites.

I’ve also come across a guide on how to make your own SATA HDD Switch. The author also sells this homemade device for $29.95 and has another version that supports switching between 2 sets of RAID 0 or RAID 1 drives for $32.95. It doesn’t have LEDs or a button to press, it works with a toggle switch (although you might want a shield for it so you don’t accidentally bump into it).

(HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors


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  1. 1 · Ricky Moore says:

    I have one of the Combox’s and my problem is the IDE cable don’t work. Only 2 drives work. I think the cable is bad but not seen any thing on market that will let you connect 3 drives to the motherboard.

  2. 2 · Anonymous says:

    Hello, I am a computer tech. at the Southern Alberta Institute of technology, and we have used all of the options.

    The only switch that worked out of the box, or didn’t have a hardware or electronics failure in the first year, was the Indus Technologies option. There switch is by far the best built, and they have a warranty to back it up. A 5 year warranty to be exact.

    SAIT is a large school, that has over 10,000 students at a time. We tried 5 switches from each manufacture in various labs and classrooms around campus. All except the Indus Technologies Switches failed in the first year. None of the Indus Switches have ever failed.

    Add in the option to control an entire classroom from their “Master Selector” installed at the teachers desk, and add in that it can control SATA, IDE, and SCSI drives from one switch, the Indus option is by far the best. This makes the price difference well worth it.

    Also, I think their product is all built in North America, no Chinese junk.
    You need to seriously consider the Indus Technologies IDEX switches if you are in the market.

  3. 3 · Richard Spadola says:

    From what i have read i’m not sure if your SATA switch is better or not then others SATA selectors.
    Do you have a number to call for direct info.
    Richard Spadola or 1239-424-8204

  4. 4 · Southwest-pc-MO. says:

    We have installed a number of these ever since they came came out with out any problems, I would say Anonymous is a jerk working for Indus, common since well tell you when you can build a Monitor now days for 129.00 it shouldn’t cost 200. dollars for a switch that for 30. dollars you can build your self. Indus is in Canada by the way.

  5. 5 · Scott Harrison, MD says:

    The good news is that we have used a good number of the Indus SATA drive switches in our medical teleradiology workstations so we can have two boot drives with no chance of “cross contamination”. They will only switch drives with a change of the selected drive and a full shutdown and cold boot. These have been perfect for us, and fool proof for the radiologists using them.

    The bad news is that Indus did not find a market large enough to justify staying in business and I cannot find these anywhere used or new. We need at least 10 more…..

    The SW-SATA2x4 is good, but not great. A key to success is to always do a full shutdown to power off if using this and switching boot drives. That is not fool proof, and there is a risk of corruption if you only do a restart…. come info stays in memory during a restart. There is higher risk if you use W10 and W7 boot drives in the same workstation. Try to stick with one OS only for all boot drives, and never do a restart during your boot drive change.

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