Servage Web Hosting Review

Since I’m no longer hosted by them and haven’t been for a few months, I figured I’d write a review. I had web hosting from Servage for about a year and they seemed overselling way too much. Dynamic Pages were slow to respond (7-10 seconds) for the first request and any page on the same domain after that was about normal. Static HTML pages seemed fast to load fast no matter if it was your first request to a domain. I also got database errors from MySQL constantly and the forum I ran would email me about it everyday. One time a PHP page wanted to be downloaded instead of displayed, which really was unacceptable since people could see my code for the site (not that the code was top secret or totally unique, but still that shouldn’t happen). Their servers are clustered so you can’t get any logs from them, they do have a statistics monitor in the admin but its not as nice as Webalizer or AWstats. Their tech support is based in India, I happened to see their IP address and country with a 3rd party web statistics program I was using (bbclone). Maybe others have had a decent experience with Servage, but mine wasn’t.


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