Shear Genius Finale

I probably shouldn’t admit to having watched this show, but I saw most of it in reruns. Personally I think the Shear Genius finale should of had the following people:

  • Taylor
  • Tabatha
  • Dr. Boogie

Funny how Tabatha caused herself and Taylor to get disqualified, by making a big deal about not liking him. If she had not mentioned all that infront of the judges, they might have made it to the end. Anyway, I guess thats why people watch Reality Shows, basically its fake mild drama, usually they focus in on 2 or three people that don’t get along and then ask them questions about trivial day to day things. Maybe it makes people’s normal hum drum days seem more interesting or maybe they relate to it more. Other than this show, the only other ones I saw were the Deadliest Catch and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, which was one of the first Reality Shows that wasn’t on MTV.


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