Sleeping masks to help you sleep at night

I’ve found using a sleeping mask really helps me to sleep at night. I would recommend using a silk or satin mask rather than cotton, because cotton is not as soft and seems to hold facial oils longer. It’s also a good idea to wash the mask in the laundry, so I’d recommend getting 2 just in case you lose the other or its still wet. If you don’t wash them for a long time, you may end up with some acne around your eyebrows. I throw one of mine in the laundry each week and wear the other, so I rotate them out in use. Also try them on to make sure the elastic band on them isn’t too tight. Sometimes they have one or two bands and you while you can make elastic give a little more by stretching for days at a time (I’ve used a clipboard to do this), they won’t get much wider than they already are. Sometimes they make them with velcro fasteners, but if you have long hair that might not be very pleasant. I’ve also found the the thin elastic bands to give out after several months, usually the ones that use 2 thin bands instead of 1 wider one. Sleeping masks can be bought fairly cheaply, especially on eBay. The color on the outside is up to you, but having a dark area that gets placed against your eyes is best, but it’s not absolutely necessary. It will still be dark, but I just find it best for it to be as dark as possible. If you want to fall asleep a little faster, its worth getting a sleep mask. Even taking naps during the daytime is easier for me now.

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