I was recently reminded of an old TV show called Sliders awhile back. I remember seeing a few episodes when it first aired and then I figured it was canceled. A few years after that I saw an episode on TV once again and was surprised it was still around. (Reminds me how the TV show Viper had the same thing happen to it). I also remember the original intro mentioning the year 1995, but I think they removed it for syndication.

I watched a few episodes of the first season and I could see why it was canceled. It’s not as cheesy as The Misfits of Science, but it lacks in many ways. For example, in one episode Rembrandt is tied up but all someone does is remove the bandanna around his mouth and he gets up from the chair with no problem. In another episode Quinn is in handcuffs yet still is able to check his fly and moves his hand to keep the door open for others. One episode has the Professor laughing about his performance to throw an political debate, yet people in the audience could have turned around to see him offstage rejoicing.

Sliders show brings up lots of interesting ideas, but many scenes seem rushed with no time for introspection (the character’s thoughts never really sink in what’s really going on). I suppose that is the cost of trying to make the show more action/adventure based than drama. One can easily forgive bad CGI effects, and the stage setup mistakes, but the show could of went deeper into the issues the episodes brought up.

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