Snapfish Sux

Recently I got some photos sent to me by the way of Snapfish. I had to register to view them all and I couldn’t download the full album at once. It wouldn’t even let me download each image with a link. I was able to right click and do “save as” but the way they have their files named, Firefox picks up the last part which was the same for each image, so i had to type in a number for each one otherwise they would have the same filename and thus I’d only get 1 image. I understand they want people to buy printed photos or to buy high resolution copies for download but they should make it easier for people to use and just get the regular quality images.


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  1. 1 · sasse1kc says:

    I agree – Snapfish sux. I actually have an account there, and you STILL have to pay for downloads. I don’t mind paying for prints. Or even a cd. But this was a way for me to store my photos for retrieval, and alas, we had a hard drive crash and lost all our originaly digital copies. But we were happy – they were stored online!! Until we went to download them to make a backup CD – they want to charge ME to download copies of my OWN photos. CAN YOU SAY – SNAPFISH IS A SCAM?!?! Hate it. I will get my photos off there, never use it again, and never recommend the site to anyone.

  2. 2 · Anonymous says:

    I completely agree with the above comment. I am also in a situation where I was happy to have had a place to store hundreds of MY PHOTOS to free up space on my camera while out of town. Now that I am back, my only hi-res copies are with Snapfish and the want to CHARGE ME to download MY PHOTOS that I have not yet seen at hi-res, nor have I edited to share yet.

    In addition, I originally used Snapfish through Comcast, but now that I am closing my Comcast email accounts, the profile editing system is not allowing me to change the email address I have affiliated with this Snapfish account. Now I wonder how I will be able to even view the lo-res copies through Snapfish.

    I still do not get why they Charge ME to access files I PUT on their server.

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