Solid Bike Tubes

I used to use the thorn resistant tubes and slime, but I still had to patch my tubes every 2 or 3 days of daily riding. I had even taken an old tube, cut it and flattened it to provide some more of a barrier between the tire and the tube. My tube was full of patches and I got tired of patching them constantly, even though I became a pro at it. I then bought some solid rubber bicycle tubes. There are a few cons to them, however.

  • They are harder to ride with. It isn’t really noticable, except on longer distances. And even then you probably won’t notice it except when you ride along with others, since you’ll probably start to fall towards the back while you notice others aren’t pedaling as often as you.
  • They are a hassle to put on initially. Getting the tire on, is very hard, you’ll need 2 screwdrivers if not 4, lots of time and patience. Oh and do this with either the brakes loosened beforehand. Once they are on and your rims are in place, you shouldn’t have to remove them again.

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