Some Dentists are like Used Cars Salesmen

Ask someone about a dentist and chances are they will have a story about a shady one while they recommend a decent one. You’ll hear about root canals and fillings that aren’t even necessary. But in America, it’s not just healthcare, its a business. Therefore, treat it like a business and shop around. If you remember a bad dentist, go out and post a bad review on Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo and several other review sites around the web. No matter if you have insurance or not, you might as well start calling up and asking for costs, rather than be surprised later. Teeth can be very expensive. I had a dentist that lied about the number of cavities I had, and I never was shown anything. You would think you could trust someone in a field related to medical healthcare, but remember it’s just a business. And when profit is involved, there is bound to be a few sharks. Now, if you excuse me I need to make some calls for just a basic cleaning and try not to get swindled into unneeded dental work. :p

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  1. 1 · Ray says:

    I have a dentist in Humble Texas, Dr. Ronald J. Smith, I have been going too for around ten years. He is straight forward, no BS, gentle, fair and his prices, I believe to be fair and decent. And, his assistants are just as great! From dealing with him during the years I
    totally trust him and his office.

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