SourceForge forums suck

Let’s face it; they are not very useful for the sites they host. After all if you are going to host sites that create software and web applications, it would make sense to have forums that support showing HTML, code and special characters. As, they are now, if you try to put in HTML in the forums they will mess up the code and any special entities such as (apostrophes, copyright symbols, less than, greater than and such) show up all messed up. Sure they allow people to install forums of their own, but it doesn’t make sense for them to have 500 separate installs of phpBB or SMF, when they could have really good default forums. Don’t get me wrong I like SourceForge, their software tracker is nice (handy for getting emails when applications release a new version) and they provide web space for apps and people that wouldn’t have it otherwise. But they definitely need to improve on the forums.


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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    Agreed. I much prefer PHPBB or pretty much any other forum style.

  2. 2 · Mr. B-o-B says:

    Indeed. I just tried three times before I gave up to post a tidbit of php/html code in the adldap project forum. After my third attempt to insert the code I had to say f-it. This make me a little sad as I wanted to share a fantastic function I developed for this project with the world 🙁

    Oh well.

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