Standard Keyboard without Numberpad

It’s very hard to find a keyboard with a standard layout and not have a 10-key numberpad on it. When do most people use the numberpad on their home computers? Maybe if they are entering in some data into Excel, managing their budget, but those tasks are quite rare. I imagine the main uses of the numberic keypad are for making bad passwords or lame usernames. Many laptops like to smush all their keys together to save space, but that doesn’t make any sense for desktop keyboards without a tenkey numpad to do the same thing.

I’m sure many of you have used one type of keyboard at work and then another at home with just a slight difference in layout and it’s annoying. Sometimes the enter/return key is too big, other times the: home, end, page up, page down are in different areas. Other times the arrows are squished into the side or setup with a cross layout rather than a upside down t layout.

You would think people that make keyboards would know ergonomic design better than to do all this. Mini keyboards save space and keep you from having right handers with their arm all the way to the side with the hardly used numberpad.

So far I only know of a few that fit these requirements.

  • Diatec Corp makes some keyboards with a standard layout and no numberpad. (very expensive)
  • IBM Model M Space Saver and Space Saver II (granted the II version has the Print Screen, Num Lock and Pause buttons moved down a tad) – since these are kind of old and are a little rare to come by they cost a bit more

I’ve been using the Space Saver II for a few years. I thought I would use the mouse nub and mouse buttons built on the keyboard a lot, but the fact is I rarely ever use them. The only thing I’ve missed about having this kind of keyboard is the lack of media buttons (mute, pause, forward, back) that many keyboards have.


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