Suddenlink Switch from is Not Smooth

Seems they have been getting swamped with calls, as I was on hold for well over 35 minutes the other day and another 20 minutes today. The music and announcements they play while you are on hold is way too repetitive. The online form to switch over tells me the information I was entering wasn’t correct, even though I know it was. I couldn’t get their online chat to work in Firefox or IE7 (I only have IE6 on vmware) even with pop-up blocker turned off. I guess I could email them but I am now skeptical if even their email form will work.

I got a mailer today that said “Attention: On March 2nd Your email account is moving to”. Not sure why it took it over two weeks to get mailed though 😛 However it had another phone number to call: 1 888 849 4540 and I wasn’t on hold very long with that phone number. The one the web site gave me seemed to put me on hold forever. I was finally able to switch over finally though. One thing I wish that would of been mentioned is that this would of been a chance to create a new “primary” email account, however you can only do so with email accounts you already have. I tried to add a new one through’s admin and it seems they redirect you to, I even was able to find a login that stayed on but it would not log me in. Seems a little after I switched over there web site is now in maintenance, probably to fix whatever issue it was they were having. The tech support guy on the phone knew what the problem was right away so I guess they had some growing pains.


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