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Apple TV+ is Poorly Designed and Missing Important Features

Friday, October 2nd, 2020
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I’ve still been using the Apple TV+ app for my free year. Some of the things I see missing

  • A way to see movies/shows that I haven’t finished
  • A way to only see the “free stuff”, that is stuff that I don’t have to pay even more for to watch (rent/buy)
  • A resume feature. Did Apple even use this product themselves? How can you miss this? If I was watching something and then close the app, it wont remember where it left off.
  • A favorites or watch later feature. Let me build up a queue of things to watch later.

Why Apple TV+ Isn’t Worth Getting

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
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I’ve been trying out the Apple TV+ service for free and to me it just seems like you pay money to be shown more movies you can buy or rent. Really, why would someone pay $4.99 a year to be shown more stuff you have to buy? The movies and shows you can see for free are buried and hidden with everything else. Personally I think the ones available for viewing without extra payment should be shown first or at least make it easier to find them.

The prices for the movies varies also, seems cheaper to get them through YouTube or some other service.

Honestly though, how many more subscriptions do companies want people to have? How often am I going to watch the same movie again? 99% of the time, I’ll never watch it again. Better off using Crackle or some other app where you watch a few ads and see it for free.

Since iOS8 or 9 the official Apple VGA & DV adapter is broken

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
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I gave up on this about 2 years ago, but it seems multiple people have had this problem also. Even if you bought the official adapter it won’t work anymore after iOS 8 is installed. Granted iOS 10 is almost out now, but its not like its going to get fixed. I finally looked back into this issue, seems like the many reviews for it and the digital AV communicate the same thing. Which sucks because these adapters cost $30 but now we have to buy new ones just because they changed something and now they old official ones don’t work anymore.

According to one of the comments:
You need to BUY a updated 1.0 VGA Adapter – it MUST say its a 1.0 or its the older unit. Be careful because a ton of the old adapters are still in stock at Apple stores, retailers, Amazon and eBay.

So fork out another $30 for an adapter you already had, or I guess if you have the receipt you might be able to take it to the Apple store to let them know it failed.

Ways Apple could improve the iBooks App

Saturday, November 17th, 2012
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One thing that really bothers me about the iBooks app, is that if you want to search your books, you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to do so. It would also be nice to have a A-Z/0-9 shortcut navigation on the right like the Music app. Right now if you have a ton of books, its very hard to go through your list.