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2020 Boringest Year Ever Due to CoronaVirus

Sunday, March 15th, 2020
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Will COVID-19 end up making 2020 the most boring year ever? We’ve been told the soonest a vaccine might be made is 1-1.5 years. And if 1 person has the virus, it can spread all over again. They aren’t sure if you can get it twice or not. The belief is that after the 1st time of getting it your immune system will react much faster, but it doesn’t guarantee any immunity to it. So event, activities will be shut down for safety. I get it, better safe than sorry and for precautions.

But will this help popularize e-Sports (competitive online gaming) and online D&D board gaming? Will the jobs of the future be more open to remote working now. Will they finally approve online University degrees to be accredited (if so expect 50% or more Universities and colleges across the nation to go out of business when this is over with).

No one else has mentioned this, but its going to be a long year. Time to find new hobbies and dust off the old ones.

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Alternative

Friday, March 13th, 2020
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With people stocking up on Toilet Paper at the stores causing a bit of a shortage. There is a better alternative. Or at least you can make your stash last even longer. Bidet attachments that can be put onto regular toilets are available online for about $50. They even have some of these bidet adapters that will work with hot warm, so you aren’t just stuck with cold water and can adjust the temperature. It will actually clean you better than toilet paper alone will. Then you can just use a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself.