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Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond Guitar Amplifier Head Review

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019
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hotone nano legacy mojo diamond amplifier head

Hotone’s 5w Nano Legacy Amplifier Heads are the size of a guitar pedal. I found the “Mojo Diamond” to be the cleanest of the series as it is supposed to model a legendary Fender tweed. This is a great bedroom or practice amp. You can use it with headphones or plug in a cabinet (speaker) to it to hear outloud (granted its 5w). It even has an effects loop, which at the asking price for this size is nice. It has a plug for auxillary in, so you an play with a MP3 player or some other audio device and comes with a power cable. It has a volume, 3 eq knobs (low, mid, high) and gain. All the basics you would need. They make other ones that model other amps, some in which don’t really have a clean sound. Having a clean sound was important for me, so I can add effects to it, as I want. For the price, size and functionality, this is a nice little amp head for headphones or to practice without disturbing anyone.

Zoom Electric Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (G1X FOUR) Review

Monday, December 23rd, 2019
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zoom g1x four guitar multi effects pedal

The Zoom G1X FOUR multi-effects pedal is a great deal. It has lots of effects, cab and amp modeling. Their software allows you to uninstall certain effects and install other ones in place. You can setup your effects chain and save it or delete the “patches” it comes with to have even more custom ones or just edit the ones it came with. If you know more or less what you want, you might find it faster to setup your “patches” in the software then save them. Then you can tweak them as you need to on the device itself. I personally find that to be a faster method, but the user interface is pretty decent on the pedal itself. It’s easy to switch off a pedal, amp or cab. One complaint some people have is that the amps are all set with the “mic” setting as off.  So it might not sound as good with the “mic” option off, thus you have to manually set these. Again you might do this for them in the software or see what works best through the pedals interface. I really like the fact there is options to do both.

Even if you don’t like the effects much, it has a good Noise Suppressor, a few different Equalizers, a Tuner, Looper and some very basic Rhythm (drum) tracks. And with the Expression pedal you can use it for Volume, Wah, Reverb, or other effects like Bit Crusher, Digitech Whammy like effects and more. All this for a very inexpensive price. You can even setup one pedal in the chain as a mute switch.

The only con I have with it, is that the battery auto-power off takes 10hrs at minimum. So you are better off buying a power adapter, instead of wasting batteries. It came with batteries and to be honest I don’t know how long they last, as I didn’t like having it sit there doing nothing before it powered off. Kind of wish they would update the firmware with a few more options for the auto power-off. I was able to find a adapter for much half the price of the official one, just make sure it meets all the specs.

For an inexpensive bedroom multi-effects I found it to be a great deal. I’m actually surprised how much you get with this device for this cost.

Guitar Scales and Chord Links

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
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I’ve been wanting to learn my scales for a long time and I found 2 free applications and 1 website that do a good job of helping you learn them.

  • Fretboard Warrior – Plays the sound of a note and shows it on the guitar and you pick which note it is. Requires no install as its a Flash Projector file.
  • Advanced Fretpro – Its like Fretboard Warrior, exept it doesn’t play any sound. However you can tell it what strings and frets to omit, so you can practice on the areas you don’t have mastered yet. It also has a built in chord patterns and scales.
  • Guitar Chords – Tons of web based tools to find chord names, chord progressions, scales and more. Some of the tools are done in flash, which makes it easier to use, since you don’t have to submit a form.

GNUitar – free guitar effects for your PC

Saturday, February 10th, 2007
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If you are familiar with GuitarPort, GNUitar is almost the equivalent. No expensive input device is needed though, this one is free, open source and works on Windows and Linux. Simply plug your guitar into your soundcard (line-in works best), you may need to buy an adapter to make it fit. You can add several effects and adjust each one as you please. The effects are: distortion, sustain, reverb, echo, delay, chorus, flanger, equalizer, noise reduction, wah-wah, phasor, tremolo and vibrato. 😀

The delay time in Windows is like half a second or so. Their website says the delay in Linux is much shorter. I haven’t tried it on Linux myself though. Some times the sounds sound too computerish but that could be just my soundcard and settings I use. Overall its a nice program and fun to play with. 😉