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Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

Saturday, February 21st, 2009
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Yes, I know this will sound like an advertisement, but it’s not. Just sharing my opinions on a great product. 😉 I’ve been using this deodorant for over a year and it works great. It’s 100% natural and has no chemicals or aluminum in it. If you ever had deodorant make you itch, burn or stain your armpits, you might give this brand a try. It’s unisex and has no fragrance to it. It costs a little more than regular deodorant, but the stone I have has lasted over a year, so it’s worth paying more upfront. It’s available as a stone you wet before use or in pump bottle that is in a water form.

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

Zest Soap Sucks

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
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I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.