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Digg vs. Slashdot

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
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  • You hear about news much sooner
  • News promoted by users rather than editors
  • RSS feeds for everything (even search)
  • RSS feeds that include the proper categories (Slashdot only includes the first category and omits the rest)
  • API (this allows you to filter things or mashup the news how you want)
  • Contact form (Slashdot doesn’t have one)


  • Technology Focused
  • Just news (no funny videos or pictures, although some people want to see those)
  • Better comment filtering and ratings

The typical comparisons I’ve read state that Digg has more childish comments and that Slashdot’s comments are usually better. Slashdot does have several users that seem to be a expert in a given field by reading their comments, so that case maybe slightly true. However ou can find just as many poor comments on Slashdot as you do on Digg, but you probably won’t see much ASCII art on Slashdot get rated very high. And even though Slashdot’s Firehose gives users the chance to promote other user submitted stories they still must be approved by the editors. This may lead to some staleness in the site, as I got tired in seeing the same old discussions over and over on Slashdot. Any time the RIAA was mentioned the same old arguments came up and the same with Microsoft or Vista. Slashdot also doesn’t cover web design or web development very well either, if it ever comes up it’s because Google changed or released something. Slashdot seems to be more hardware, application development and operating system focused. Personally, I gave up on Slashdot well over a year ago, because I couldn’t filter the feeds good enough, the lack of web dev/design news and the repetitious arguments in the comments.

Why Filtering Slashdot’s RSS Feed Won’t Match Your Settings

Friday, July 27th, 2007
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As I wrote before its a pain trying to duplicate your Slashdot profile’s filters with their RSS feed. I studied it a little more today and figured out what’s going on. Some stories are considered mainpage ones that show on on the homepage and others are minor stories (ones that show up on the homepage but are only headlines only (depends on your Slashdot settings, but thats how it works if you aren’t logged in). The problem is mainpage stories are not always marked as such, although if you grab the main RSS feed you will get just those. In order to include the minor stories you have to pull all the feeds they have, but then they don’t have a way of telling which were mainpage or not, because they aren’t always marked. The other problem is that stories can be put under multiple categories, but when they get put into the RSS feed, you only get 1 category. Therefore you can’t filter things properly. Slashdot’s own system can do this fine, because it can see what other categories it was under and if it was a mainpage story or not.

I’ve also noticed they starting delaying their feeds by 30 or 45 minutes now and that they lowered it to 15 feeds instead of the 20 it used to be. I’ve also noticed the moderators/editors get confused on the Backslash section. Sometimes they misname it Slashback, other times they put that in the name of the story, but then put it in another section. So its really a pain to filter things with their RSS feeds. Even filtering based on subject and section won’t always guarantee filtering the items properly.

I emailed this finding to Commander Taco and got the following reply

That’s not a bad idea and we’ll look into it when we get a chance.

Meanwhile, you may want to become a subscriber. Subscribers get a
dynamic rss link on the homepage that emits only the stories they
have configured in their /my/homepage preferences. So they can
both exclude topics they don’t want, and include stories from the
topics they do want that otherwise would have been sectional-only.

So it looks like we’ll be able to match our user settings soon. 🙂

Slashdot releases SlashRating and slashdottit!

Sunday, April 1st, 2007
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They also have a copyright on SlashRating and a trademark on slashdotit!. I suppose its supposed to be like Digg. But they could at least put some styling on those ugly HTML tables they used. And really do they need ratings? Will you be able to search for them? They updated the RSS feeds to have SlashRating© ##### slashdottit! tm in the beginning of the Description, which is really dumb. They should of used a namespace so it would be just thrown in there. I think its really sloppy how they put this together. What would be really dumb is if they make an API and try to get others to submit stories, because their editors only allow for like 20-30 stories a day.

Thank You for participating in the Slashdottit Rating System
Your vote in the Slashdottit system will help insure the best stories are presented to our readers, with hyper accurate numbers to indicate their relevance and general awesomeness. Only by requiring the contribution of every random user of the internet can we guarantee the most scientifically perfect numbers will be generated. These numbers will guarantee that every story that appears on Slashdot will be interesting, insightful, and flawless. Vote early, vote often.

But then again its April Fools 😉 so this is just a prank I hope, as its a very sloppy one, but I wouldnt doubt if it was real. The Firehose and the Tagging features are pretty ugly on Slashdot.