The History Channel is Going Down The Toilet

I really don’t know what the History Channel was thinking with their latest show Ice Road Truckers. What does it have to do with History? I guess they got the idea from The Deadliest Catch. There really isn’t much drama with a show like this, so the Reality Show probably won’t get watched much. These kind of tactics are what ended up making the Discovery Channel suck. Like I’ve said before, history is not boring to people that like history. So why do they want to abandon their audience? For a bigger more mainstream audience that isn’t into history. The History Channel was the one of the last stations not to get a reality show, but they finally caved in. They really have had some good programming, but I’m sure who ever is in charge now is going take it down the crapper. 😐

I’m glad the Internet is going to kill TV, they are going to have to deal with people watching what shows are they see as the best and when they want.


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  1. 1 · i am very much disappointed & angry about the new avatar of History Channel says:

    hi,am from India,
    As i am a huge fan of science and technology, gadgets and gizmo’s minds and history behind

    the technology and history behind everything, in short i am a huge fan of History Channel.
    But i am very very much truly disappointed & angry about the new avatar of History Channel

    as Fox History & Entertainment, because of this new avatar i am not able to watch my

    favorite and all time hit shows like Modern Marvel,M3, 80s Tech[history of technology]

    Histories mysteries,Boys Toys Engineering an Empire,History Rocks,The Universe,Lost

    Worlds,Ancient Discoveries, and many more shows which include world wars weapons &

    technology, mind and history behind invention & technology and many more shows which i

    loved to watch, but now i am truly sad and disappointed about this new avatar they

    stopped all the shows which made history the very best channel of all. Shows from this new

    channel[Fox History&Entertainment] they only show short & jumbo movies repeatedly all the

    time and why they have to show Bollywood stories and Indian heritage & culture there are

    other channel showing all this, which is very boring, because of this i have stop watching

    Fox History & Entertinment
    My question is weather i’ll be able to watch my favorite shows or does the History channel

    will be back again?
    I really miss History Channel very badly
    Thanks for reading my feedback i would appreciate if u could reply to my query?
    Bring back the History Channel. Fox History & entertainment Channel SUCKS!!!
    Mean time keep up the good work on the History Channel

  2. 2 · Steven Gardner says:

    i’m tired of turning on the history channel and seeing nothing but 2 hour specials on how the world is going to end and that were all going to die a horrible death in 2012 I swear to god these idiots belong in downtown new york with the other morons holding up signs saying the end is near, I don’t know if its just me but it really seems like the world around me is getting more uncultured and uneducated every day that passes. is there anyone else in the world who thinks we need something on tv other than reality shows and sitcoms. for anyone reading this I would suggest that you not even bother watching the APOCALYPSE channel anymore maybe when there ratings go down a little they’ll start to see the light I miss the good shows that were on a few years ago such as wild west tech, mail call, the revoloution, and tales of the gun you know the shows that people didn’t walk away from telling there friends how scared they are now that the words going to end or that they’ll be abducted by aliens I swear to god if they don’t improve im going back to books

  3. 3 · kaz says:

    i watched chasing mummies for 1 minute and got dizzy, camera was zooming in and out every 3 seconds, neve able to focus on anything, what a shame how history channel wants to attract 2 year kids watching visual affects versus adults who wanna learn, history channel wants the immature audience now, they dont have a format for us to learn, their format is to how visual effects

  4. 4 · ZOG Programming says:

    What can you expect from a channel when an arrogant Jewish Princess is put in control of programming? Dumbed-down and simplistic frivolity.

    Trailer trash stories like Axe Men, Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars are exactly what urban elitist snobs in their northeastern bubble think appeals to people in middle America, which this crowd regards as stupid.

    New York cultural crackpots ruin everything they touch because they always assume everyone else is as narrow minded as they are. This explains why most TV’s in the state it’s in today.

    In fact, these morons have no common sense and are as dumb as doorknobs, Ivy League degrees in ethnic studies and waving rainbow flags, notwithstanding. What’s next? Perhaps “Gay Transgendered half-Black and Jewish Hook-Nose Pickers.”

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