The most annoying thing about Opera

When you type in the address bar and go to tab through previous URLs, it goes to the search box instead. IE and Firefox have always let you go through your previous list with the tab button. Instead you have to pick your hand up and move it to your arrow keys or grab your mouse and move down. This does not make sense especially when you are in the midst of typing.

I figured out how to achieve what I wanted. In Opera goto Tools then Preferences. On the Advanced tab, click on Shortcuts and Edit the Keyboard Shortcuts. Then click on Advanced then on Widget Container.

Now you can modify the original “Tab” Actions to:
Next line | Focus next widget

And modify the original “Tab Shift” Actions to:
Previous line | Focus previous widget

You may have to hit enter after typing in the text for it to save those changes. Then you can click on OK on the open dialog boxes.

Opera Preferences AdvancedOpera Keyboard Settings


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