The New Google Maps Sucks

Seriously I can no longer make a map or pin items while searching for other areas. Searching for nearby places of a destination is no longer possible. I know I can’t be the only one that hates the new Google Maps.


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  1. 1 · Some Dude says:

    Nope it sucks. I switched back to mapquest, which is not as good as old google maps.

  2. 2 · John says:

    Old Castle, I have made it 3 times now. Love it every time I have made it though it seems to take a while to ciotodinn in a bottle. but once it does its just like a New Castle. I’m no brew master and don’t have the time to become one. USF kits are virtually fail safe 1 week in the primary, 1 week in secondary and and 2 to 4 weeks to ciotodinn and I have yet to get a batch that I am not proud to serve to my friends and family and I have made quite a few of these kits without one being anything but great.Thanks,Rob

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