The Problem with Tinder and Bumble

It’s not that it reduces online dating to just a swipe or images, because let’s face it attraction matters. But the problem is that it forces you to go through the entire collection of people registered on the site in your area. Granted this method might get you to consider someone attractive that you might of filtered out before, but in all honesty it’s nothing more than a way for them to have you pay to communicate and have access to the database of people registered on Tinder or Bumble.

Those sites are so popular that even OkCupid broke their entire website to try to do the same thing. And the traffic and ratings for the website have been plummeting. POF can’t even handle their spambot problem. Where are the owners of these properties? Have they checked out or on vacation?

In the long run I don’t these sites will work, it’s just not worth having to swipe through people I would never be interested in before, it’s too much effort and time.

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