The Retrogaming Market is Overpriced

Anyone that remembers old games should already be wary of collecting anything for money. Remember baseball cards or the comic books that were supposed to be worth lots of money? How did that turn out?

Many old games were produced in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Even if 10% of them are broken (and that is a very generous estimate), there are still tons left. Many people are buying them up to turn around to sell them and are hoarding them. It’s like the diamond market, the prices are high because of the people keeping the inventory. But the demand also warrants it until it gets to a point people are no longer willing to pay. Supply and demand, but partly also because of the hoarders looking to resell. I get it, its capitalism, so be it.

But fact is the games were produced in high volumes, so many are not really worth the prices being asked for. I’ve seen several spots in my city selling games. Not just 1 or 2 small shops selling old games, but several. Even small cities have several places doing this at flea markets, pawnshops, indoor flea markets, stores, etc. So the supply isn’t low, if all these folks have the games.

I have a feeling the market will crash at some point, eventually people that want the items for nostalgia will be met. Don’t get me wrong, the rare games will always be rare and require a higher price, but Diddy Kong Racing is definitely not a $35 game. Super Mario Bros for NES or Super Mario World for the SNES are not worth $25. Just get a Flash Cart because many emulators are pretty much perfect, if not 99% accurate or better except for the N64. The only things the emulators are off by about 1% or less is the sound. Although I understand people really want the device for nostalgia or memories. But collecting the entire set, even the crappy games no one likes, is a bit insane. Might as well just get a Flash Cart and save the space in your spare room for more important stuff.


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