The Small Three

Thought I’d mention 3 car manufacturers that built 100% electric cars. I keep hearing people in the news say over and over “we need an auto industry in America”, yet they rarely mention these three (one is from Canada though)?

The Tesla Roadster has the speed people need (60mph, and tops out at 125mph) and the range (221 miles) but costs over $100,000. They have plans to build a another car model at $60,000 and another at $30,000.

Zap’s electric cars are all rather slow with the fastest one topping out at 40mph and with very low travel range. They do offer them at a lower price, however. Zap also sells electric scooters, atvs, and bicycles, which may be better alternatives than the Segway I’ve seen some people use. But then why not just ride a bike? Although riding a bike to work could mean you end up all sweaty and sticky when you get there. Plus riding in the rain, and watching out for puddles isn’t fun even if you do have mudflaps on your bike.

The Zenn electric cars are similiar to Zap’s, slow and with a limited range.

It will be awhile before the range, speed and prices for 100% electric cars improve, but its at least these companies don’t need a bailout. If you haven’t seen the movie Who Killed the Electric Car it’s worth watching.

Although I do wonder why every time they bring up alternatives to driving fossil fuel cars, public transportation is never brought up. Althougth it’s because we need the cost of maintenance (oil changes, tires, …), insurance, safety inspection stickers, registration, customization (rims, fancy paint jobs, car stereos, …), gasoline, auto repair (fixing fender benders, wrecked cars, …), buying used and new cars, and all the advertising dollars that go behind it all. There is just simply too much money riding on the invention of the automobile. So instead we built 10 lane highways. Sure, public transportation only works good in big cities, but I wonder how much California spends on maintaining all those roads.

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