Things I Hate About Windows XP Tablet PC

For whatever reason, Microsoft didn’t build this option into Windows XP Tablet PC, but the Hold Tool for Tablet PC wont give you an alt click for certain form and window elements, such as scrollbars, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons and so on. Of course this tool doesn’t work in Firefox, perhaps to it using a seperate UI?

Hold Tool Powertoy

Also the Ink Desktop takes ages to load up, and usually ends up with the Eolas bug (where outlined hashmarks appear ont he edges of an item when you hover over it). I believe if you check the option to “allow active content to run in files on My Computer” in IE’s settings this will fix the problem. And speaking of Ink Desktop, why can’t we save them as a file and scroll through them as list or print them out later?

Ink Desktop Ink Desktop Options

Although Microsoft got ArtRage 1.3 rebranded as Ink Art for inclusion, I still would of like to have had a nice drawing program similar to what the Snipping Tool 2.0 has. Granted I can use Windows Journal, I’d like to have an easy one with no background. Which reminds me the Snipping Tool needs an option to scroll down the window, like a document or a web site. It also would be nice to bring up the Snipping Tool’s editor without having to do another capture. And the Power Paint Tool PowerToy is not a good replacement at all, often I can’t get the UI to respond to my pen, its like once the button has focus it will no longer respond to changes, so you have to pick another and go back.

Windows Journal Windows Journal Options Windows Journal Options Windows Journal Options Ink Art (Art Rage 1.3)

The Tablet PC Input Panel wont let you erase what you are writing (if its in handwriting mode) with the top of your stylus, instead it writes more text.

Tablet PC Input Panel


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