Time Warner Cable’s Recurring Auto-Payment System is Broken

I signed up to use the paperless Time Warner Cable‘s Recurring Auto-Payment system online, thinking it might save me time from making payments by check or even one at a time online. I signed up for this before my statement was due and before the statement date, yet it wasn’t put in place until the next month. I had put my trust in the system that it would pay that month’s statement, yet it didn’t. Then when the next month’s statement came it charged me a late fee and that’s when I discovered it had not paid last month’s statement. Granted I got everything cleared up in their support chat (the phone line was a worthless automated operator I could not get past even pressing zero), but seriously this should not be a problem for such a big company. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have experienced this issue.

And while I’m at this rant, Why is internet still $49 a month in 2013?

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