Top 10 Forums (Message Boards)

10. E-Blah – Its been around for awhile and is pretty good. The developer seems to add features the community asks for. (Perl – Free – Open Source)

9. UseBB – Another Light weight forum. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

8. miniBB – Traineo uses these boards. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

7. YaBB – Written in Perl, this board has been around for a long time and still gets updated. (Perl – Free – Open Source)

6. Vanilla – Very light weight forum. I’ve seen this on a few sites, CSS Beauty uses them. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

5. PunBB – Light weight forum, that uses XHTML, CSS and lots of DIVs for its layout. This allows you to completely change the way the forum looks by editing the stylesheet. No polls or no subforums and its not updated very often, but it is under active development. Their team just got a little larger lately. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

4. SMF (Simple Machines Forum) – Simple Machines is a free forum that has been gaining in popularity rather fast lately. It was started by a few people that did YaBB. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

3. Invision Power Board (IP.Board) – Another message board that costs money but is quite popular. (PHP – $$$)

2. phpBB – The king of free open source forums. Tons of mods, hacks and themes available. (PHP – Free – Open Source)

1. vBulletin – Despite the fact it costs money for a license these forums are the most popular online. It has some features not implemented by the other forums, such as the Javascript search box that appears when you click on search, thread ratings and more. (PHP – $$$)

Personally I like SMF the best, but PunBB is my second favorite however it requires some hacks to keep spammers at bay. If you are using Perl check out E-Blah or YaBB. Coldfusion folks might look at CFMBB (personally I dont like the Galleon Forums for ColdFusion). ASP people might want to look into, Snitz Forums and Web Wiz Forums. Another PHP forum worth mentioning is bbPress, its by the same people that made WordPress.


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  1. 1 · Josh says:

    What about MyBB? A lot of forums use that too.

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