Top 10 Quotes to Influence Web 2.0

10. Talk is cheap. Show me the codeLinus Torvalds
As Derek Sivers has said “…ideas are worth nothing unless executed”.

9. Don’t Repeat YourselfAndy Hunt and Dave Thomas

8. Convention over ConfigurationRuby on Rails

7. Build half a product, not a half-ass product37signals
Its better to not have a feature than to do it poorly.

6. Very Good is BadSeth Godin
What the marketing guru is saying is that its not enough to be good, your product must be exceptional and outstanding.

5. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it worksSteve Jobs

4. Content is Kingunknown

3. Less is MoreRobert Browning

2. Let the Users Decideunknown

1. Release Early, Release OftenGoogle


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