UI Tip – Rank Items using Letters not Numbers

Have you ever seen a rating or review where the person left 1 star, but the comments are nothing but praise? It’s rare but it happens. Ever see a form where people need to list something as important but 1 is set as the top priority and 5 as the lowest priority? Yet people rank it wrong. It’s better to just use letters instead of stars or numbers. There isn’t any confusion because we all know an F is bad and a A is excellent from report cards. You can then on the backend give them appropriate numerical values to calculate the number or levels of each grade: A+, A- and so on. It’s something to think about and it makes it foolproof against people rating things wrong. To even denote the significance you can make the A+ with a happy face and the F with a frown or use colors.

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  1. 1 · Revanthkumar says:

    since it perpetually estixs in a state that is both done and not done, this is awesome. Love that. I will have to remember this line. Glad it was in reference to Salisbury steak and not Schrodinger’s cat.

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