Use a Joystick for a Mouse

Whether you are setting up a MAME machine, a gaming box or just looking for an alternative to mouse pads or trackballs you might like the following two programs that let you use your joystick instead.

JoystickMouseTool is a free program and lets you setup a joystick very easily to do your mouse functions. All the basic mouse features are here, left-click, right-click, middle-click, mouse-wheel (scroll wheel) and even mouse buttons 4 and 5. You can also pick absolute mode which places the mouse exactly at the point where the joystick is and then centers the mouse when you’re not moving the joystick, that mode works best with an analog joystick. You can even set a unlock button on your joystick, which will require you to press it in order to use the joystick. It has enough options incase you have 16 joysticks hooked up or 31 buttons on your joystick.


Joystick 2 Mouse is another free program (as long as you use it for personal use, if you use it for commercial use its only $20). Unlike JoystickMouseTool this program is much more complicated to setup, but its also much more powerful. You’ll definitely have to review the help docs on the website but once you get the idea behind it, you’ll see it can do a lot of things.

It supports up to 16 joysticks, with up to 32 buttons, 6 axes and POV (Point Of View hat, in other words the Directional pad also known as the D-pad) each. You can setup several profiles and have different ones for whatever you like. You can also setup shift buttons which increases the uses of each button, axis or POV. Not only can you control the mouse, but you can do keyboard buttons (including number pad buttons, function keys), control Internet Explorer, Winamp and more.

Note: If you are setting Joystick 2 Mouse to use a joystick other than the first one, you’ll end up running into a weird bug. Even if you disable the first joystick and set it to use the second joystick and give the second joystick has its own xml file for a profile. The next time you go into the settings, you’ll have to change the joystick you”re using then change the profile manually so it loads that profile if you need to make some more changes. This seems to be a minor bug, but rest reassured if you are using the first Joystick you will have a much easier time configuring the program, since you won’t have to deal with any of that.

Joystick 2 Mouse

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