Video Training Web Sites

The following are a few sites that offer video tutorials in CD/DVD forms.

  • The Gnomon Workshop – Professional Training, very expensive, they focus on digital and analog art (3d, sculpture, drawing, …)
  • Total Training – Professional Grade Training, quite expensive also, the Photoshop set has been done by Deke McClelland (who has written many Photoshop books over the years)
  • KURV studios – Great Tutorials, specializing in 3d applications, I’ve gotten a few sets from here, they seem to use DVDs with quicktime so they wont work on home DVD player, only on your computer, they do have a few free ones
  • Digital-Tutors – Good Tutorials, I had a set from them also, I think they use Flash or Director to present them so they wont play in your home DVD player
  • VTC – They have a huge catalog of video tutorials on a range of products, they offer a few free samples from each set
  • SoftwareVideo – I got a set by this company once, they were decent, they use Director to create them so I they wont work in your home DVD player
  • Wayne ‘The Dane’ Hansen – I got a VHS set from him that was over 8 hrs (not sure how that was possible but it was), anyway the set seemed to be pieced together from other videos he seemed to do in the 90s, while the video had parts of static in between the different parts, Dane knows a lot about sculpting and I would recommend any of his sets to anyone 🙂

There are lots of sites out there that offer free training as well, but I’ll just include a few (as there are too many to list):
3D Buzz

Most specialize in 3D applications and other software, but you can find ones that deal with painting in pastels, working on your car and more.


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