Walmart Changes Generic “Great Value” Packaging

I’ve noticed Walmart has changed their generic Great Value brand packaging. It used to be easy to find since it was always a white package, with simple text and a graphic that didn’t get in the way. Now Walmart has made the packaging more colorful. The reason why is simple, the harder it is to find the generic brand, the more likely you’ll buy the name brand product and spend more money. Many times the generic brands are often the same product as the name brand just offered at a cheaper price. Great Value is usually the cheapest thing on the shelf, but not always. Now when I go shopping I have a take a few more seconds to pick up the right items in the aisle.

Walmart has even mentioned to our government that the middle class is struggling, and I’m sure they would know with their sales data. Recently they even voiced their approval that there should be an increase in the minimum wage.

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