Ways to Reduce Web Development Shop Costs

  • Sell domains you have that you don’t need or use subdomains.
  • Forget upgrading software and replace it with free, web based or open source software. Does your data-entry person really need Photoshop (chances are it would be too complex for them anyway)? Couldn’t they get by with Paint.NET or Gimp? Do you really need Office 2007? Couldn’t you make ODF or PDFs your work standards and use Open Office instead?
  • Forgo buying new PCs. A computer that is 4 or 5 yrs old with Windows XP is still fast for many tasks, perhaps all you need to do is uninstall some programs, tweak it a little and throw in some extra RAM.
  • Do you need another another PC for testing? Why not use a virtual machine instead?
  • Start setting up templates for ads and other files to get things done faster.
  • Use an open source web app, if you don’t have a site that requires lots of custom programming.
  • Use APIs and mashup data from the web, this can save costs of paying for similar information.

However, Don’t be scared to invest in a few pieces of software or hardware, if it will save you money in the long run.

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