Website crashes on iPad or iPhone?

If you have a website that crashes on the iPad or iPhone there are a few things to check.

  • Remove all JavaScript for the site and see if this eliminates the problem. If so, you’ll need to analyze your scripts one at a time
  • If JavaScript isn’t the issue, its probably memory related. Something on the site is hogging up a lot of memory.
    • Is there any complicated HTML5 animation? Simplify or figure out what part of the animation is causing the site to get so sluggish it crashes.
    • Are there any huge intricate PNG files or a GIF with very complicated transparency or alpha layers? Try to simplify the graphics or at least disable a few until you figure it out.
    • Do you have any complicated SVG files? Try making it more basic.
    • Do you have a really huge text-shadow or box-shadow? You’d be surprised how this can bog down a site. Disable the shadow or make it smaller in your CSS file.
    • Do you have any other CSS features that could be causing Safari to quit? Perhaps a complex gradient?
    • Do you have a really huge image or complicated site? Try to break the page up into separate pages.

If you still have issues after trying the above. Be sure you are clearing your cache in your browser. Also check to see if you have an redirection code on the server or a meta refresh that is going in an unending loop.

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