What Adobe Should Do for Flash

The future of Flash is animation, maybe not so much for the web unless they add in an ability to export to Canvas, SVG and HTML5 (Adobe Edge Animate doesn’t create anything in Canvas or SVG). I believe gaming will not be as strong for Flash in the future, granted you can make Projector files that are executable for the desktop; However, you can only make it for the OS that you are currently on. So you would have to export it from a Mac and a Windows machine (and have a license for Flash on each) to make your executable cross platform.

One thing that has been poor for several versions on Flash is the ability to export a SWF to a video file, namely Quicktime. Often when you try to export your SWF to Quicktime, it leaves ghosting and artifacts in the video. If Flash is to be an application for animation, this is a feature we really need to work properly.

Another thing that would be nice is for Flash to handle real 3D. Not the flat paper 3D in the current version, but real 3D. Then even more people would use it for animation and video exporting.

The reason the Flash player beat out Java Applets, its because it loaded fast, made everything into one compressed small file and had a very intuitive UI that was built from a designers stand point. As the web has evolved, JavaScript and even CSS are starting to replace many animations and effects. I believe Adobe can still make Flash a viable tool for the future.


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