What Slashdot’s RSS feeds need

Since Slashdot has a filtering system that lets you filter news based on whether it hit the frontpage or not, they really need to add in a option for that in their feed. Filtering by slash:section won’t always let you know this, sometimes it will say mainpage, but other times it will just say what section it belonged to. If they added this feature then I could use Yahoo Pipes to filter the feed. They offer plenty of other extensions to their feed already such as slash:department , slash:section, slash:comments and slash:hit_parade.

slash:department is the slightly funny departments they have for each news item and of course slash:comments is the number of comments made for that item. I figured out that slash:hit_parade is the comment threshold, so lets say it was 102,100,79,68,16,7,4, then that would mean there was 102 total comments, 100 rated 0 or better, 79 rated 1 or better, 68 rated 2 or better, 16 rated 3 or better, 7 rated 4 or better and 4 rated 5 or better. You can figure out the number rated -1 by subtracting the number rated 0 or better from the total comments.

Until then I have to visit their homepage logged in and use my filter. I like to have my slashdot news collapsed, as it makes me focus on the headline only and if that isn’t enough to grab my attention then I won’t waste time with the snippet.
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