What Topix Should Do

Topix, is a site that displays lots of local information to people all around the US. However they also put a lot of US and World News. I personally think the site is becoming too cluttered, even more than a local newspaper site. There are tons of portals out there that do what they do already, so why not focus on becoming the lighter, faster local portal? They have already gone after many of the “verticals” that newspapers use (real estate, classifieds, jobs).

  • Feature local data more. Don’t just show you have events and classifieds, tease some of that information.
  • 1 day of weather teasing is worthless, give people more of reason to check the city page
  • Make one of those 3 columns with a different color, everything looks the same, meaning people are less likely to pay attention to it.
  • Add autos
  • Get a designer and start uncluttering the website

Topix has the ability to become a unique nationwide local site with tons of local information, but they keep shying away from it trying to be just another portal with some local content. If they want to be serious about local information they need to display nothing but local information on the homepage. Otherwise I don’t see their site taking off in local markets around the US.

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