Why the Digg Redesign doesn’t matter

So Digg‘s redesign makes it look like a magazine and on the iPad it looks like Pinterest. Having a more visual feel to the site, slows down my parsing of the site for really good stories. If you want just popular news that includes the brain-melting memes of the internet and wierd stories, I guess Digg or Reddit is up your alley. However, if you are like me, you find yourself only looking for the really good stories, not just what caught the most peoples eyes. People look at those kinds of stories, which is what drives ad views and revenue for their site, but does it mean it was really a quality piece? Recently one of the top stories on Digg was about a Taco Bell employee peeing on a food. Not exactly a quality story.

And without categories and subcategories, story types (videos, images, text) like the original Digg v3 or older had, its very hard to filter this mass of garbage coming through. Digg was great in its day, but I want quality information. Sure they have some moderation on the site now, but it really isn’t enough.

When you click or view something online you are voting for more of it. Ask yourself if each story or article you read online is worth it. Until them I’m sticking with Hacker News. It may be kind of start-up and entrepreneurship heavy, but I can filter those easier than today’s funny picture. Slashdot is still decent, but is too Unix centered and doesn’t have enough web development and design stories.


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