Why The Misfits of Science was Cancelled

This was my favorite TV show when I was a child. After rewatching the series as an adult, I can’t believe I watched that show, the stories are really cheesy. Listening to the intro song again, was really funny to as it was way too 80s. I think it was cancelled due to the fact they didn’t have enough Misfits. The Ice Man was only in the pilot episode, and so right away they lost a Misfit. It was the only reason they had gotten the ice cream truck, they rode around in. Basically they were left with Johnny B., Gloria “Glo”, and Dr. Elvin to doing most of the action. The action became very predictable after awhile, you knew at some point Dr. Elvin was going to have to shrink, Glo would have to do some mental power stuff, and the B-man would need to shoot some lightning bolts or run through something real fast. I think it was a mistake not to give Dr. Billy Hayes any super powers. And Jane (who was Glo’s probation officer), really played no real role in the series. Not only that but she appeared pregnant during mid-season with no backstory or anything about her character, eventually her character left the series. Those 2 characters could of been given super powers to help round out and give more variety to their team. And what about their boss at Humanidyne (the actor is best known from ALF)? I think he probably could of been given a secret super power, one that was lame but one that he could of revealed later on and helped out in 1 or 2 episodes later on. Although it wouldn’t of made sense to make him help on every episode, as his character seemed too much a coward to help the Misfits. If they had made all their main characters have some kind of power the show probably could of lasted 3 seasons or more.


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