WordPress Popularity Contest Plugin Review

I just setup the Popularity Contest plugin for WordPress. It was real simple to setup, upload it, enable it, pick your settings and put it in the sidebar or somewhere “outside the wordpress loop”. It only added 2 more queries to the home page. It seems to work well with version 2.2 also. There is an option to show the popularity of each blog on the post itself at the bottom, personally I think this is more of a debug feature (so you can figure out why something is ranking higher than something else) and not really something readers will care to see. You can also adjust the ranking weights. It has several samples of “template tags” to put in also.

Popularity Contest Options Popularity Contest Rankings Popularity Contest in the Sidebar


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  1. 1 · TallFreak says:

    Please help me! I’ve tried and tried to get the plugin into my sidebar. I get a popularity percentage at the end of each post but I don’t care for that either. Where do I add the tags to do it??? In sidebar.php? No sidebar widgets labeled Top Post appear either. So I’m assuming I’m supposed to edit a php file but I do not know which one.

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    Yeh you have to add the tags in sidebar.php. To turn off the popularity percentage change the option in popularity-contest.php to 0 (zero).

    @define('AKPC_SHOWPOP', 0);

  3. 3 · shuron says:

    You can also use widgetized Popularity Contest. Which enables configurable Widget for the sidebar

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