Yahoo Mail Now Delivers Sponsored Spam

Yahoo! Mail now delivers sponsored email. It stays at the top of your mailbox and is can’t be deleted. I call it sponsored spam, because that is how most people are going to view it. They didn’t ask for it or even sign up for it, but there it is in your inbox. Yahoo tried to clean up their email app to be like Gmail and I guess they decided it didn’t work so they are back to their usual stuff. Reminds me how Yahoo Mail for years use to open up a news page instead of your inbox. It also reminds me way back around 2001 they tried to get people to pay for Yahoo Mail by letting the spam filters be horrible for non-paying users. Because before the filters were pretty good, but decided enough people weren’t paying so if you didn’t pay for Yahoo Mail, they decided you didn’t deserve to have their spam filter or at least a good one.

Yahoo Mail Sponsored Email Spam


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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    This is bothersome enough to cancel my yahoo mail account. Which is shameful as I have been a customer of yahoo’s for years. Don’t get me wrong. It is a free service and I do know about the advertising. I see ads on the side pane every time I log into my account. I even click on the stuff that interests me. But having in my intray and not having the option of deleting is extremely invasive and upsetting.

    But how do I reach Yahoo to provide them with this feedback? It be good to provide them with the opportunity to let them know why I want to cancel my account and have them respond. or do they care?

  2. 2 · carrie a. says:

    I’ve used Yahoo! Mail for over a decade without having any huge complaints. The sponsored spam is only a minor issue lately compared to all the trouble- the filters don’t work properly, once a day the system is down, messages don’t load, it’s hard to navigate, looks terrible and every month there is some sort of change to the design or features. My latest problem? My usernames and passwords no longer work, so I’m locked out of Yahoo! completely… And unfortunately for YM, I was at the point where I was ready to pay for email service. Gmail has my money now because I can’t run an online business when my email is unstable.

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