Zest Soap Sucks

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.


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  1. 51 · BOBBY says:

    ORIGINAL Zest has been in my family for at least 3 generations. We all loved the fact that even in hard water, Zest made our skin feel good and left no soap film on our bodies or bathtub rings. PROCTOR & GAMBLE thanks but no thanks! I do believe you have lost about 300 people in my family alone as we have even discussed this during our family reunion last year. Maybe you don’t think this makes a difference right now, but let it continue and I do bleieve you will sooner or later feel the pinch. Why spend the difference when a store brand or off-brand soap does just as good?

  2. 52 · Peggy(again) says:

    I have switched to White Dial. Doesn’t leave a soap film and best of all it is not made by Procter & Gamble.

  3. 53 · C. K. says:

    We always used Zest when I was growing up because it was the only soap that wouldn’t leave a bathtub ring in our very hard water. After I got married I continued to use Zest because my new house also had hard water. (I’m in my 50’s) I thought I was crazy when all of a sudden my Zest starting leaving white scum all over my tub AND all over my body after a bath! This kept happening and I kept purchasing different types of Zest. Sometimes the dollar-type stores would still have some of the old original bars, but the next time I’d buy the stuff and the scum was back. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The film is horrible. I feel like I need a bath AFTER I take a bath! This is the first time I have looked this issue up on a computer message board and it’s good to know I’m not alone and I’m not crazy. I have purchased my final bar. I’m through with Zest unless I see a box that says, “ORIGINAL” ! Procter & Gamble can keep their scum.

  4. 54 · tiggersmom says:

    I agree with all the negative comments concerning Zest. I, too, have used Zest for about 50 yrs. due to the fact that I have “hard” water. It nows leaves a soap film in the water, on the bathtub, but most of the film stays on my body! YUCK! The powers that be are not reading the reviews or they just don’t care what the consumers opinions are. Maybe they’ll be more concerned about the consumer when their sales continue to decline.

  5. 55 · Sandy says:

    I am also disappointed by the Zest soap. I have used it my whole life (52 years). I wash my face with it and everyone asks me how my complexion stays so nice. I love that it makes me feel clean- no build-up. I also hate fragrance soaps and the white zest was the best. The new scent and shape of the Zest is the worst. Not easy to hold on to, especiall for the kids. I have been going to the stores looking for the original or past bar and shape and I can’t find any. I have no bars left. I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I went to Jewel today and they don’t even have it now. Please bring the original back for us baby boomers.

  6. 56 · TK421 says:

    I agree. Zest is just playing the marketing game. They lost my business today. I found Whitewater Fresh in 1992 after trying every brand on the market. Then was fooled by Linen Fresh (buying Aqua Pure first). Linen Fresh worked fine and the shape was/is the best for bar soap. I’m guessing the stuff causes skin cancer eventually so maybe we are all better off not using it anymore. After all, Procter and Gamble (Gambling Proctologists) wouldn’t admit to that! Maybe you can find it in the Philippines where all the other American products that kill gets sent.

    -TK421 Why Aren’t You At Your Post?

  7. 57 · Jack says:

    I thought I was alone until I read these comments. I have used Zest soap for well over 40 years because it did not curd in the water and left you with a clean feeling as opposed to a soapy feeling. The new version of Zest is as bad as the original was good. I agree with others: Why would P & G ruin such a good product. As they did at Coke, they should fire the fools who made this change and bring back the original Zest. Until then, what is the best soap for leaving you feeling clean? I do not know where to go as I have trusted this product for so long.

  8. 58 · Chuck says:

    I have used Zest soap for over forty years and always loved the original large green bar. I even washed my glasses with it (no scum). Now with the new shape and obvious change in formula I hate it!! It leaves my skin feeling awful and my glasses covered in scum. What on earth are you thinking? What about all your faithful customers like me? My wife and I now feel forced to try something else which we don’t want to do.
    Very unhappy Canadian

  9. 59 · Debbie says:

    Here I thought I was alone…Been a Zest user for over 45 years. Hate all the new strong scents and colors that stick to your soap dish. Please bring back the white – whitewater fresh and the original Zestfully clean – leaves no bathtub ring…you fools P&G have lost so many life long customers!!

  10. 60 · Joyce says:

    I want to feel zestfully clean again!!!! Please go back to making soap the old way. I hate washing that film out of the sink and tub constantly. I’ve been a loyal customer for so many years, as soon as I’m done with this batch I’m looking for a new brand. If you go back to the original style of making soap I’ll come back. Until then…new soap companies here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 61 · Anonymous says:

    Very Clever. Change the product formula ( to no doubt save a buck). Change the size, ( also no doubt to save a buck). Oh yeah, lose your customer base ( not saving a buck now, are you). Someone in research and the P&G corporpate office screwed up. Put it back!!!!!!!!! This was a heck of a soap. Used it for years. Not Now!!!!!!

  12. 62 · Betty says:

    I always loved your soap and used it for as long as I can remember. You changed the look of your soap and also the ingredients, and it is not the same anymore. One of the things I so liked about it was that it did not leave a film on your body or on the tub, but now it has a scummy film that is left in the tub and also on your skin. I gave my grand-daughter a bath and when I emptied the tub of all the water it looked so scummy with this white foamy scum she didn’t even like it. Please go back to the old bar, it smelt great and left your skin clean and silky. I am going to try another product because i am unhappy with yours.

  13. 63 · Bob Kabella, Wisconsin says:

    I started using zest soap in the Marine Corps, 1961, and have continued using it until they made the shape change. The shape is difficult to hold and slips out of my hand….I wonder if the genius who designed it ever tried using it. Also it turns to goo in the soap dish after use. I am looking for another brand after 47 years of use. If they ever change the shape and prevent it from turning to goo it the soap dish, I would hope they would advertise this so I know it was done and I may give it another try. Also get rid of all the new sents and just get back to the original…and label it as such. In short….I too agree with all of the other comments submitted, I just had to have my say.

  14. 64 · Al from Minnesota says:

    The new shape has been morphing further. Not only did the hourglass shape rip off the consumer from conception, but P&G has altered it ever-so-slightly some more. The Zest imprint is becoming deeper and the edges are now chamfered at an angle along the profile. Less soap for the same price. Also it doesn’t lather well anymore after the first couple uses in the shower. I bet P&G only coats the top 3/32″ or so with the good lathering ingredient. Does P&G think their customers are stupid. They must. They aren’t fooling me. I like the old product, I hate this new product. I’d change but all the soaps out there are going on the cheap now. Foolish corporations, all of them.

  15. 65 · Anonymous says:

    i agree with most of the above;the original was the best.i live on the prairies of canada and the water is very hard;so unless you bring back the original i will be buying something that does not leave a horrible feeling after having a bath.by the way i,m sure i speak for million,s of people around the planet.

  16. 66 · Sharen says:

    For God sake, fire the idiot that changed the old Zest soap, and the shape design of the bar. Please, please, get back to the old zestfully clean formula. Please get rid of this scum clinging crap you are now making. Until you do I will not be buying any more Zest. You should be ashamed of putting the procter and gamble name on this stuff your trying to pass off as soap.

  17. 67 · RW from Ohio says:

    I have used Zest since high school in the 60s. I’ve tried others over the years, but nothing else left me feeling as clean as the original Zest. This new formula isn’t even close and the shape is a joke. I’m searching for a replacement.

  18. 68 · ge from texas says:

    I have used Zest for years…NO MORE…glad I found this page… I knew something was up with the NEW formula…BRING BACK OUR OLD ZEST!!!

  19. 69 · hector humbly says:

    Welcome to capitalism my friends. I used Zest for 35 years without a second thought. The first time they changed the shape to fat in the middle, I decided that it was ok. Then came the sexy(?) shape and I wondered: how mutch did they spend re-tooling their bar molds? Now they have lost me as a customer by eliminating the “film-free” ingredients. The question now is: where do we go to find a replacement product whitch is as good as the one we were used to? Ever heard of “shared monopolies” or “interlocking directorates?” So much for “freedom.”

  20. 70 · Al from Minnesota says:

    I have emailed this “Zest sucks” blog site link to P & G and actually heard back from them. They thanked me for the site address and said they’ll get their team to look into it. There’s power in numbers my fellow Zest users. If we all contact P & G with a brief complaint they just might see the error in their shortsighted penny wise, dollar foolish decision to cheapen their once fine product all for the sake of a short term profit. They gain no long term profit if they lose their faithful long term customer base for good. If we succeed, they may just give us back the fine Zest soap we all remember and miss even if it means raising the price accordingly. Hopefully they understand for every one customer who takes the time to post here there are exponentially thousands of others who feel the same way. Here is their Zest webpage with the P & G contact information on it. Please take a moment and email P & G today with your complaint. Thanks. http://www.zest.com/

  21. 71 · Dave says:

    Yes, I agree that P&G blew it big time… I too liked that my eczema wouldn’t flare up after using Zest, have been a customer for close to twenty years. I even tolerated the medium green one, despite the “slight” fragrance…
    But now…jeeez, their new soaps make you smell like a bouquet of flowers!! I tried the Ocean Energy-aweful, exchanged it for the Aloe Splash, and sent that back too. Both of them made my nose run like a faucet. Too much damned fragrance.

  22. 72 · Randy from North Dakota says:

    I agree will everyone else here……..I’ve used Zest for 35 years but not anymore. Bring back the white Zest we all know and love…..Quite trying to reinvent the wheel…….The old bar worked just fine, leave it alone. P&G should learn a lesson from the “New Coke” debacle.

    As the poster above so eloquently put it “YES P&G, BRING BACK THE TRIED AND TRUE OLD FORMULA, SKIP THIS NEW CRAP!!!”

  23. 73 · PG in CT says:

    It feels nice to be in good company. I had used Zest for years and bought multibar packages. Wasn’t really paying attention when the package changed. Then noticed…SCUM! Rest of Zest went to the Goodwill. I am now a Dove user. However, it was difficult getting my teenaged son to use ‘girl’ soap. So I switched him to the Zest bodywash, either Aqua or Ocean Energy, and that rinses pretty good. Now he uses Suave Men because it’s cheaper and he likes it just as much. I might go back to Zest original if they reintroduced it. But after this long probably not.

  24. 74 · Bob says:

    I thought it was just me. I was surfing to find old style Zest for sale and found this blog. P&G, bring back old Zest and I will buy it. But for now, I have bought my last bar of Zest.

  25. 75 · Keith says:

    I have also used zest for many years,I have a reaction to strong scents. My tongue and mouth start to burn when subjected to perfumes. the new versions of zest are loaded with strong cheapy scents. the original formula was excellent. I think you could find CHINA somewhere in the new formula.

  26. 76 · John says:

    I have been using zest soap all of my life. I recently purchased some and found that it was shaped differently. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was about 25% smaller than the old bar as well. I guess that these guys are falling in line with the rest of American industry and trying to see just how little they can give us for the same price that we were paying. I’ll never buy another bar.

  27. 77 · gethlean H says:

    I am 69y. I have used zest soap since day one.I liked the suds& rinse clean, the new stuff does not do either.
    do you make one that does? please stop trying to improve it. It does not encourage people to buy more,it makes them start looking at other brands. I hate the soap scumb.

  28. 78 · John K says:

    I agree with the majority of comments posted here that P&G (zest) should change back to the original formula- it was the only one that worked in our hard water. It’s obvious that this was a unique product that fulfilled a definite need. If it is not brought back I’m sure some company will fill the void.
    By the way, has anyone found a suitable replacement because I’m sure it’s just a matter of time?

  29. 79 · Jane says:

    I have used aqua zest for over 40 years. I just bought a package of the new shaped bar, didn’t like it at first. I am now use to the new shape, but it leaves a soap scum on my body and in the tub. I always felt so fresh after a shower, now I am constantly trying to rinse off the sticky feeling the soap leaves on my skin. Please bring back the old zest, it was the best soap on the market, wasn’t this product tested before it was put on the market? If it was, something is wrong with your testors.

  30. 80 · Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to see these comments. I thought I was going crazy! I hate the “new” Zest. I too have used Zest since the early 70’s and used to love the way it made my skin feel. Recently there have been commercials on TV about Dove. They use special lighting to show how a person who showered with Dove has no residue left on their skin and how a person who uses “another” brand is covered with soap scum. Originally, my thought was I bet they didn’t use Zest in that comparison. NOW I’M NOT SO SURE!!!!! This new formula leaves my skin so tight, I might as well be using DIAL. I don’t care about the shape – big deal. But, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me my old Zest. In the mean time, I am looking for a replacement.

  31. 81 · Marj says:

    Like most of the previous comments – I used Zest for many years but do NOT like the new formulation as it leaves soap scum. I liked the bath sized bars with NO fragrance. P&G made a huge mistake on this one. Will change to something else.

  32. 82 · Martinitime in NY says:

    I have been a Zest user since I saw their first ad. That’s a long time. I also wrote to customer service about the new design and was told my comments would be turned over to their packaging department. They sent me a sample size of the new Tide for my trouble. Hurrah!!! I am now on my third bar of the newly designed bar. When my present supply is used up, adios Zest.

  33. 83 · Anonymous says:

    We have used Zest soap for at least thirty years. We are changing brands as of today because of the above reasons. They’ve done away with the white bar which we have always used, and left us with options which contain too much fragrance that make our skin break out and itch. I actually stumbled on to this site because I was looking for an official site that would tell me where to find the white bar with the old shape. I find myself purposely using the new bar in a way that flattens it out quickly so I can hang on to the darn thing! I noticed we are having to wash the scum off our shower more often than we ever used to. I’m curious if Proctor and Gamble did any market research before making these changes. Based upon this dialogue, I’m guessing they must have surveyed the wrong consumers.

  34. 84 · A fan says:

    Has anyone noticed that the Ocean Energy bars with energizers smells like cat spray once you’ve washed with it?

  35. 85 · Jeff says:

    Does anyone know if you can get Whitewater Zest anywhere. I’m reading in the comments above it was discontinued, but usually there’s still stock out there from before it was discontinued.

    I agree, the new scents are just gross. Who wants to smell like a fruit or some other hideously floral aroma.

  36. 86 · Anonymous says:

    If anyone out there has found a substitute for the original zest that doesn’t leave a scum on the shower and your body, please post it so everyone can benefit.

  37. 87 · Anonymous says:

    I agree with all the above — I too have used Zest for many, many, years and hate the new design and scent. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SHAPE AND WHITE SCENT. THANKS.

  38. 88 · jimmy pop corn says:

    i like the new shape

  39. 89 · Henry says:

    I could care less about the dam shape. I’m allergic or sensitive to soap. The original Zest RINSED OFF great and I had no problems with intense itching for over 8 years. Now they’ve changed it so the soap sticks to the skin longer and deeper and causes me to ITCH!!!

    BRING BACK THE OLD ZEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 90 · Henry says:

    I just took the time to read some of the latest posts, and it looks like I’m not alone. Just think of all the people experiencing the same thing and are blaming their diet or the laundry detergent for their itching. It took me a while to figure it out; and then it took me a while to do something about it.

    If the P&G people can’t make a profit by fixing this problem, then they are the stupidest dam bunch of college graduates on the planet.

  41. 91 · Del S. Illinois says:

    I see from the blogs above, that P&G (Proctor & Gamble, Inc.) changed the ingredients in 2007 as well as the shape. I have used Zest soap faithfully for 40 years. I noticed the new shape in 2007, as well as no information, that they had changed the shape until I opened the box. I didn’t have any problems with the ingredient change until recently, when I purchased some new bars from Walmart, in 12/09. See, I have hard water, and Zest was excellent for consumers with hard water. No soap scum and your skin felt really smooth and clean and I smelled “Zestfully Clean”!! Recently, after my shower’s from my new purchase, I felt dried out and the “Zestfully Clean”!! feeling is gone. P&G, I will never purchase Zest again, it sucks and the idiot’s who decided to change the ingredients and shape should be collecting un-employment or testing rats for hemorrhoids. Wake-Up P&G!!!! remember Coka Cola changing the formula and going to Coke????? They saved their tails by bringing the original ingredients back, calling it “Coke Classic”, pulling the “New Coke” off the shelves and of course getting rid of the idiots who had those great ideas to change the ingredients. How about “Zest Classic” P&G? You’re annual sales are in the Billions!! Keep it up!! It will soon be in the Millions!! You’ll lose another, another, another and another consumer, good to you, another dollar less to have your yacht rest rooms cleaned and a dollar less from your Million dollar bonus and stock options you receive, but remember one thing P&G, regular working people are spending their money wisley these days, and with the economic mess the world is in!!!! Until then (Zest Classic) (P&G), you’ve lost me as a customer. I’ll be boyctting any products produced with Proctor & Gamble Inc. on it!!!!

  42. 92 · Henry says:

    To Del S. – Their customer service representative told me they changed the ingredients in Zest over the summer of 2008; boasting that now, Zest is all “natural”, not “synthetic” anymore. Then I had a different P&G customer service representative of a different soap made by Proctor & Gamble, Inc. tell me that the change in the ingredients to Zest was that they TOOK OUT the “synthetic rinsing agent”!… That’s why you feel “dried out” after you use it, the soap is still up in your pores; And if you’re lucky like me, and are sensitive to soap, you’re going to itch like hell!!! And not have a clue as to why!!!

  43. 93 · Henry says:

    P&G, Inc. pulled this move, either to cut costs by eliminating “an ingredient”, totally ignoring the features and quality expected by their base customers; thinking the long established (and I bet, inherited) “Brand” will carry them through. Or, they’re trying to continue stretching the brainless marketing catch phrase (word), “Natural” to their repertoire of Stupidness. Because that would be a shame if they did all this to appease the complaining about it “dissolving so fast”, because that would be a side effect of it’s “RINSABILITY” that I, and most Zest users can live with… Classic Zest, bring it back!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 94 · Lynne S. says:

    Hmm, I suspect that’s why my family and I have been itching lately. I buy in bulk and started using the new batch about a month ago. I didn’t even suspect it could be the Zest, until now.

  45. 95 · JB says:

    I agree with the complaints above about not being able to find “White” Zest. Tried the Aqua but it dried out my skin. Found Aloe but now that’s discontinued. No more fruit, please bring back Whitewater.

  46. 96 · Anonymous says:


    Zest was my favorite soap for many years – I live in a rural area and the rinse agent in Zest kept the shower clean, my skin clear, and the septic system happy. A few years ago P&G stopped making the large bath bar – I missed it but oh well… Then I noticed that the “original” Zest was unavailable and called P&G – they said the bar most like the original was Zest Hydrating Effects With Vitamin E – it still had the rinse agent. A few months later, Hydrating Effects also vanished and the reshaped reformulated rescented bar was a piece of cr#p. My skin started itching and breaking out – actually got exzema on both arms and legs – can’t use Zest anymore. Tried a different brand natural unscented soap for 2 weeks and my skin started clearing after 3 days. Went back to Zest for a trial and skin was itching and blotching again with a few hours. An interesting footnote is that friends in Phoenix said they’d check the bargain stores for old lots of Zest. They found 100 bars of “Zest Hydratante Vit E”;
    a mamoth standard-shaped 7 ounce bar w/ingrediants listed in Spanish. It has the rinse agent – no soap scum – but also has something in it that had me immediately itching in all the familiar areas so my initial excitement was dimmed. I have sadly moved on from Zest – sometimes you just have to know when to let go. Somewhere a corporate jet is heading into the sunset – a marketing exec is sipping a cocktail with his middle finger raised in salute to the customers below him.

  47. 97 · Anonymous says:

    We know exactly who you’re talking about, and he’s going to be unemployed pretty soon.

  48. 98 · JOHN MARSH says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the new shape. I don’t like it at all. I’ve use this brand longer than I can recall, but I think it’s time to change. Maybe they could market the old and new style. It also seems to not last as long.

  49. 99 · Greg says:

    When P&G changed the shape, size, & formula of Zest back in 2007, I went to Sams Club & cleaned them out of 100 cases of the original 12-packs. Now I’m on my last 4 bars. Raise the price if you have to, but bring back the original 4.5oz size, shape, and formula. Now I’m lucky if I find the 4.5oz Zest on eBay. It’s 4 times the price, plus insane shipping. I’ve been a loyal customer for 20 years. No longer!

  50. 100 · EddieW says:

    WOW!!! Glad I stumbled upon this site!! I hate the new shaped Zest bar, and thought I was all alone!! Plus it dissolves way too fast…the new receipe sucks!!!! I’m trying some new brands, though have used Zest exclusively for 15 years!!!!

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